HUmatak revitilization with              AIA and guam preservation trust


The basis for the Revitalization Plan will include:

  • Development Goals of the Humatak Residents, Mayor, and the Humatak Community Foundation as identified through Focus Group Meetings facilitated by the Guam Preservation Trust.
  • DPW Highway & Storm Water Master Plans
  • GVB Guam Tourism 2020 Plan
  • Guam Housing Plan
  • GPA Utilities Master Plan
  • GTA Master Plan
  • Telecom Master Plans
  • Tour Bus Routes & Public Transit
  • Regulation and Maps by State Historic Preservation Office
  • Zoning and Seashore Regulations and pertinent GLUC project approvals
  • GEPA regulations

Information will be gathered from these various resources to develop a holistic planning tool that outlines the revitalization for Humatak village. Emphasis will be placed on Humatak's importance as one of the most picturesque locations on Guam and its potential as a key element in enhancing Guam's tourism industry. The Revitalization Plan will explore opportunities presented by other Agency Master Plans, integrating them into developments that address stakeholder needs and highlight the village's physical features & history. Architectural Schematic Design work will also be executed for key projects.


So, we are looking for architects and interns who are interested in being part of this fantastic opportunity.  We really can make an impact to the village.  In fact, GPT thinks they have funding to start the work in Inarajan, so we will see the results of our labor for that project. 


For those interested, in the next couple days, expect an email with a date, time, and location for a steering committee meeting.  Think it over, and get back to me or Inna if you are interested.  And we will add you to the email list.




Brent Wiese, AIA Guam Micronesia President

If you would like to participate: